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If you want to ADD a music player:

Click on the "Widgets" icon on the left menu > click "Players"

If you want to upload your music:

Click on the "Media" icon in the left menu >

"Music" and upload the music you want from your comp. or from a URL!

If you want to REPLACE a music player:

Press on the player and click on the "Replace" icon on the bottom menu

About Our MUSIC

Do you need some smoky jazz for a cocktail hour?

Would you like some dance music for your holiday party?

How about some classical music for your wedding ceremony?

Ready for some country music for the crowd who loves a two-step?

Million Dollar Ticket performs a wide variety of music! We can spice up any event with a mixture of pop, rock, jazz, country and instrumentals from oldies to new songs or we can provide a more-streamlined blend of music for your event. We can also add world music to any set and perform songs in different languages.

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